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Why can’t I browse your products?

Our products are for trade only so you have to register before the products and details become available.

Can an individual or sole trader buy from Maia’s Company Ltd

Yes we do supply many small business as they grow. We do need to make some checks as our wholesale prices are not for everyone.

Will you undercut your own RRP?

All our exclusive products during the stated exclusivity period will not be sold directly through Maia’s Company Ltd to retail customers, once through the exclusivity period they may be sold but no undercutting would take place. The only time that Maia’s Company Ltd would lower the retail price is if the product had been discontinued.

How is postage charged? Are there any packing charges?

Postage is charged at cost from our courier firm. There are no additional charges and we are committed to  transparent pricing.

What are your Minimum Order Quantity (MOQ)?

There is no Minimum Order Quantity. We are very happy for customers to trail a few products to begin with or to top up their existing stock. Our Total Purchase Discounts applies to all orders no matter of the size.

Do you charge VAT?

Yes we apply UK VAT to all purchases. Countries in the EU who are VAT registered will not have VAT applied in accordance with EU Law. Countries outside the EU will not have VAT applied.

How about import duties?

For countries outside the EU some apply import duties or other taxes in imports. We are unable to check these before items are dispatched and therefore the buy must take responsibility for their payment. Any items returned to us by customs will be refunded less shipping costs.

Do you have any any discounts?
To reward our most loyal customers we have a Total Purchase Discount. We record the total value of each of your orders over a rolling 365 day basis. Once the total value hits certain thresholds then we apply further discounts (see below)


Annual purchases


Discount applied