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Code of practice

Maia’s Company Ltd is a leading designer and manufacturer of bandana bibs and other baby accessories, with an internationally respected brand. Our brand image is a valuable asset, supporting our trading partners and valued by customers. This Code of Practice suggests a number of trading practices which Maia’s Company Ltd expects its Trading Partners to adopt. It is not mandatory or legally binding but will be taken into consideration when trading decisions are made. This Code of Practice is published on Maia’s Company Ltd wholesale website and is subject to changes and modifications from time to time.

Purchasing Funky Giraffe products

Counterfeit or unlicensed products damage the reputation and integrity of our brands. In order to preserve the quality of the brand, Trading Partners must purchase Funky Giraffe or other brands owned or licensed products from Maia’s Company Ltd and not from other sources, unless authorised by us.

Selling our products

Trading partners must sell Maia’s Company Ltd products only to customers and not to other resellers without our approval.
Trading partners should not sell Maia’s Company Ltd products on auction websites (such as or resale websites without our written approval.
Trading partners are entitled to set their own prices and offer promotions and incentives. However, if Maia’s Company Ltd considers that excessively low or high prices or other promotional activities are damaging the reputation or integrity of Funky Giraffe or its products (or the interests of consumers) we shall be entitled to take appropriate action.

Dealing with customer support

Trading partners should have a dedicated customer service facility with a dedicated telephone number and handle customer service matters in a friendly and helpful manner. Trading partners should make it clear to their customers that they are not Maia’s Company Ltd or one of our brands and take steps to avoid any confusion. In particular, trading partners should make it clear that they are not acting on behalf of Maia’s Company Ltd or in any official capacity. Trading partners should not direct their customers to any telephone helplines operated by Maia’s Company Ltd. Trading partners should deal with any returns made by their customers. If the products returned are the subject of a genuine problem they should contact Maia’s Company Ltd customer service. Trading partners should deliver Maia’s Company Ltd products to their customers with the appropriate packaging.

Proposing promotions and incentives

All Maia’s Company Ltd products have a recommended resale price. We expect our Trading Partners to operate within Funky Giraffe’s guidelines for the use of recommended resale prices. We recognize that Trading Partners will want to offer Funky Giraffe products at reduced prices, for example, to clear end of range stocks or as part of a sales scheme. We have considerable experience of what works best in the market place. Trading partners are encouraged to consult with us on their marketing and sales strategies for Maia’s Company Ltd products.

Defining partners store locations and design

We will take our partners’ interests into account in the development of our commercial strategy, but we reserve the right to appoint other Trading Partners in the same or adjacent area. Equipment supplied by Maia’s Company Ltd free of charge should only be used for sale of our branded products and should not be used for the sale of products supplied by other manufacturers and brands.

Consumer communicating

Our trading partners’ communications to their customers should be clear and should avoid creating confusion in the mind of the consumer. In particular, they should not make misleading or unjustified claims about Maia’s Company Ltd products or Brands.
Trading partners should not claim or imply that they are part of Maia’s Company Ltd or brands or use expressions that imply that they are an official a website  of Maia’s Company Ltd or brands without our prior approval. Trading partners should not use the word “Funky” or a confusingly similar word in their domain name or company name.

Being on social media

We encourage our trading partners to develop active presence on social networks.
Promotional messages should not be used inappropriately or in a damaging way to Maia’s Company Ltd products or Brands.
Trading partners should not suggest that they are part of Maia’s Company Ltd or that they are authorised by Maia’s Company Ltd to publish statements or materials on our behalf.
Our images or others material protected by Intellectual property law should not be used on social networks unless authorised by us.
We do not regard social media channels as an appropriate method of offering our  products for sale. Any sale of our products should be conducted on stores or websites operated by trading partners.